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Rodge as many of my friends and business partners call me. Has always liked to work with images and layout. I like to draw and paint beside using the camera.

Started my photography in UK (greetings to Ashley my friend), then continued abroad with several trips to USA. I still go abroad to exotic locations shooting my various projects

The last years I've focused more on using Swedish models in my projects, since there is no doubt that Swedish girls are popular worldwide :)

Today I have a wide network of Scandinavian and international models. Also during these years I have built up good relationships with all sorts of partners. It's sponsors, clothing companies, model competitions, agencies, publishing media like magazines, TV channels, commercial production companies and the music business.

I'm open for new colaborations and businessideas. And I'm always looking for new models for my various projects, if you are interested, just drop me a line!

View my site and portfolio for more info and updates -

Have a nice day!

Roger Sundberg

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