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Marketing and productplacement is another part that Zolex has worked with over the years. Anything from adverts to exposing products in magazines and other media channels. It can also be exposure in our various events and other colaboration projects.

Depending on your needs, company type and products, we help you set up a marketplan, designed for best result and effect.

Our network includes Magazines, radiostations etc, we have the channels for you and your products, so they can be found and known on the market!

Examples on productplacements:

  • Scating products and clothes in magazines
  • Eveningclothes and products in magazines
  • Swimsuits and bikini brands in calendars
  • Companybrand in cd-cover images, posters etc
  • Musicians and popartists in fashionexpos
  • New Fujicamera exposed in TV documentary

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