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Zolex Studios - Our studio is where the indoor shoots normally are held. Shown here is one of the studios, We have more studios fully equiped. Drop us a line for more info:

Visiting address: Hållnäsgatan 3, in the area titled Librobäck, in Uppsala. Have a look at this map with instructions.

The main studio is 6,7 x 6,7 meter and 4 meter high to the sealing Elinchrom & Courtney flashes. Other photo lights, own invented and built, are used as well. Softboxes, lightboom, large and small reflectors, screens and backgrounds in various sizes and colors.

A relaxing area for models to wait in, relatives that joins or are the driver. Here you can relax reading, have something to drink, use a computer and surf the net while vaitning.

Changing area, for models to change there outfits in. Containing make-up mirrors with good light and a vardrobe with various clothes to mix outfits with.

Make-up and hair styling in front of the mirror with good make-up light. Here the make-up artist and hair-stylist easily can work with the models face and hair.

Wardrobe. Have a look at the clothes in the wardrobe, here is a mix of everything from fashion to party and funky outfits. Bored of your own outfits, then mix them with this. No shoes/boots though.

The office. Before and after the shoots we may sit down in the office, exchange information and data, discuss the shoots, look at images and plan our work for best result.

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Zolex Studios

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Changing Area

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